2017 - Dr Elizabeth Ritchie

A grave matter: men and personal identity in the nineteenth century Gaidhealtachd.

2016 - No Bursary awarded

2015 - No Bursary awarded

2014 - Ro Scott

The division of the Community Land of Mulbuie.

2013 - Dr Fraser Hunter, University of Glasgow

Excavations at Belladrum.  Lecture to be presented 15 October 2014

2012 - Dr Fraser Hunter, University of Glasgow

Excavations at Belladrum.

Awards also to Eleanor MacDougall (£200) and to Melanie Johnson and David Worthington (£250 each towards publications).

2011 - No Bursary awarded

2010 - Mr John MacDonald, University of Liverpool

'New insights on the Lewisian Gneiss, North-West Scotland'. Lecture presented 16 January 2013.

2009 - Mr Daniel Sahlén, University of Glasgow

'Traditions, Metals and Ceramics - the story of non-ferrous casting in late Prehistoric Scotland'. Lecture presented 14 December 2012.

2008 - Mr Jonathan Willett

'Surveying Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Small Isles'.  Lecture presented 17 November 2010.

2007 - No Bursary awarded

No Bursary was awarded in 2007, but a £500 award was made to Katy Iliffe

2006 - Miss Penny Mc Call Howard, University of Aberdeen (Joint award)

'People's social. economic and emotional relationship with the sea'.  Lecture presented 20 January 2010.

2006 - Miss Jill de Fresnes (Joint award)

'The travels and travails of the Scots herring girls'.  Lecture presented 18 March 2009.

2005 - Mr Steven Andrews, University of Aberdeen

'Climate change in Scotland 350 million years ago'.  Lecture presented 20 February 2008.

2004 - No Bursary awarded

No Bursary was awarded in 2004, but a £500 award was made to Anne MacLeod.

2003 - Miss Joanne Thomas, University of Stirling

'Retention of Cultural Information in Anthropogenic 'Plaggen' or 'Deepened' Soils in Scotland'.  Lecture presented 16 November 2005.

2002 - Miss Helen Shaw, University of Stirling

'Woodland History and Conservation Management of East Glen Affric'.  Lecture presented 17 November 2004.

2001 - Mr David B. Dick, University of St Andrews

'Development of sporting estates in the 19th Century on land owned or formerly owned by the Duke of Gordon inInverness-shire, Banffshire and Aberdeenshire'.  Lecture presented 17 September 2003.

2000 - Mr Andrew Whitehouse, University of St Andrews

'The development of nature conservation on Islay and the way this has related to local people'.  Lecture presented 18 September 2002.


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