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Inverness Field Club

Instituted 1875

Bursary Awards

2019 - Elsa Panciroli, University of Edinburgh;

Prof Roger Benson and Dr Stig Walsh, National Museums Scotland

Supporting fieldwork as part of the ongoing palaeontological fieldwork on the Middle Jurassic fossils of the Isle of Skye. The Middle Jurassic is not well-known in the fossil record globally, which makes the fossils on Skye unique, and the project work is uncovering exceptionally complete material of international significance.

2019 - Eilidh Milne, University of Glasgow

Preparation of samples for U - Pb radiometric dating of the plutons at Glen Scaddle and Cluanie, using scanning electron microscope and laser ablation mass spectrometer. Field observations to enhance recent geological mapping of the Glen Loy and Glen Scaddle plutons.

2018 - Elsa Panciroli

This bursary will be used to fund ground-breaking palaeontological fieldwork in Elgol, on the Isle of Skye. Ongoing work in this area is yielding fossils of international importance. The Middle Jurassic is a poorly represented time in the fossil record globally. This makes the fossil material from Skye unique. To date recoveries include small vertebrate fossils, such as salamanders and early mammals (Panciroli et al., 2017a & b). After locating and extracting these fossils, CT scanning is used to reveal the details of their anatomy, and carry out analysis that results in scientific publications.

2017 - Dr Elizabeth Ritchie

A grave matter: men and personal identity in the nineteenth century Gaidhealtachd.

2016 - No Bursary awarded

2015 - No Bursary awarded

2014 - Ro Scott

The division of the Community Land of Mulbuie.

2013 - Dr Fraser Hunter, University of Glasgow

Excavations at Belladrum.  Lecture presented 15 October 2014

2012 - Dr Fraser Hunter, University of Glasgow

Excavations at Belladrum.

Awards also to Eleanor MacDougall (£200) and to Melanie Johnson and David Worthington (£250 each towards publications).

2011 - No Bursary awarded

2010 - Mr John MacDonald, University of Liverpool

'New insights on the Lewisian Gneiss, North-West Scotland'. Lecture presented 16 January 2013.

2009 - Mr Daniel Sahlén, University of Glasgow

'Traditions, Metals and Ceramics - the story of non-ferrous casting in late Prehistoric Scotland'. Lecture presented 14 December 2012.

2008 - Mr Jonathan Willett

'Surveying Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Small Isles'.  Lecture presented 17 November 2010.

2007 - No Bursary awarded

No Bursary was awarded in 2007, but a £500 award was made to Katy Iliffe

2006 - Miss Penny Mc Call Howard, University of Aberdeen (Joint award)

'People's social. economic and emotional relationship with the sea'.  Lecture presented 20 January 2010.

2006 - Miss Jill de Fresnes (Joint award)

'The travels and travails of the Scots herring girls'.  Lecture presented 18 March 2009.

2005 - Mr Steven Andrews, University of Aberdeen

'Climate change in Scotland 350 million years ago'.  Lecture presented 20 February 2008.

2004 - No Bursary awarded

No Bursary was awarded in 2004, but a £500 award was made to Anne MacLeod.

2003 - Miss Joanne Thomas, University of Stirling

'Retention of Cultural Information in Anthropogenic 'Plaggen' or 'Deepened' Soils in Scotland'.  Lecture presented 16 November 2005.

2002 - Miss Helen Shaw, University of Stirling

'Woodland History and Conservation Management of East Glen Affric'.  Lecture presented 17 November 2004.

2001 - Mr David B. Dick, University of St Andrews

'Development of sporting estates in the 19th Century on land owned or formerly owned by the Duke of Gordon inInverness-shire, Banffshire and Aberdeenshire'.  Lecture presented 17 September 2003.

2000 - Mr Andrew Whitehouse, University of St Andrews

'The development of nature conservation on Islay and the way this has related to local people'.  Lecture presented 18 September 2002.